Austria’s largest test swimming event for wetsuits in the Vienna City Beach Club

Finding the perfect wetsuit can be a time-consuming task. You can only determine if a wetsuit fits well by swimming several laps.

For this reason we organize test-swimming events several times a year where interested swimmers can try out different wetsuits. A suitable wetsuit fits like a second skin and should not form wrinkles. It supports the muscles in the right places and helps the swimmer to maintain a streamlined position in the water. At the same time, the suit should not restrict movement. The large selection of wetsuits in our specialty shop makes it especially challenging to decide which one is right for you if you do not have the benefit of expert assistance.

At our Wetsuit Test Swimming events you can try out and compare wetsuits from Arena, Camaro, Orca & Sailfish in the water. This is under ideal conditions for both ambitious amateur swimmers as well as professional triathletes.

If you are planning on buying a wetsuit, we will help you find the right one at our next test swimming event! For more information and to sign-up, go to

At the wetsuit test event you can test wetsuits of different brands in the water.
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