The Steiner Swimming School during the Corona Crisis

The Steiner Swimming School was founded in March of 1980. In 2020, this would actually be a reason for us to celebrate …

The corona crisis hits us hard

Six months ago we planned a big party in the public swimming pool Hütteldorfer Bad. But we are no longer in a partying mood in the wake of the global corona crisis.
We are currently unable to offer swimming courses for children and adolescents, swimming courses for adults, or private swimming lessons due to the pools closing. Even our specialty swimming shop is closed indefinitely.

We certainly imagined that the 40th anniversary of Swimming Sport Steiner would be different…

Whining won’t help us

Like almost every other company at the moment in Austria, we too have to cope with financial losses. But we have often gone through difficult times over the forty years of running our family business. And we have always tried to learn from such situations. Due to our foresight, Schwimmsport Steiner can probably cope with a temporary dry spell better than many other domestic operations. Nonetheless, our hearts are bleeding. There is no question about it. But complaining does not help us now.

Our entire team is currently at home in order to protect themselves and others from the Coronavirus. We are all trying to pass the time in a variety of ways. Even if the government-imposed shelter in place restrictions are uncomfortable, we believe that they are necessary. After all, nothing is more important than one’s health. This compulsory “vacation” definitely makes sense, although we yearn for the day when we can jump into the water with our swimming course participants and open the doors of our specialty swimming shop.

Stay strong, we’ve got this!

We would like to inform our customers, suppliers, friends and acquaintances that you do not have to worry about us at the moment – even if we are currently not as communicative as usual and taking a bit longer to pick up the phone and answer your messages. Despite everything, we are optimistic, are sticking together as a team and will also successfully get through this corona crisis.

And our anniversary party?… well, we will just have to postpone it until late summer!

Your Steiner Swimming School and Shop Team