Wetsuits for children in our swimming courses

Since we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Steiner Swimming School this year, we will be announcing some special innovations for our customers in 2020. Today we announcing a special service for our customers:

From now on, all children in our children’s swimming courses will get a stylish Camaro neoprene suit free of charge for the duration of the swimming course! *

The suits are custom made without sleeves so that children have full range of motion when learning to swim. They consist of a very thin layer of neoprene, which helps to preserve body heat without affecting swimming position.

DThis offer is of course voluntary – no one is required to use the suit in our children’s swimming courses. Those who would like to use this service will receive the wetsuit on the first day of the course.

For everyone who feels more comfortable using their own suit: of course there is the option to buy this custom-made wetsuit or other wetsuits for children in our specialty swimming shop.

* as long as the stock lasts.

For our 40th anniversary, each child will receive a wetsuit for free for the duration of the swimming course
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