Intensive swimming courses during the Vienna autumn holidays 2020

In addition to our new courses in the Hütteldorfer Bad and the Döblinger Bad, we are also starting today the registration for our intensive swimming courses in the Vienna autumn holidays 2020!

In contrast to our regular swimming courses for children,our intensive swimming courses take place on several consecutive days. Our intensive swimming courses during the autumn holidays are therefore perfect for school-aged children who cannot/do not want to attend a swimming course during school time.

But we also have exciting course offers for adults:

In addition to the new intensive swimming courses for adult beginners, Crawl-Basic and Crawl-Perfection courses,we have also created a taster course “professional breaststroke” due to the numerous demand. This takes place on three consecutive Saturdays in the Wiener Stadthallenbad and is interesting for all those who want to take their brood swimming technique to a new level.

In addition, we organize a trial swimming course “backstroke swimming” as we have received a lot of positive feedback for the past course. This backstroke swimming course in Vienna’s Stadthallenbad is especially interesting for people who mainly perform sedentary activities in everyday life. We will show you how to strengthen your back muscles by floating and prevent future back and spinal problems.

Our intensive swimming courses during the autumn holidays take place in the bath of the Bundesblindeninstitut and in the Vienna Stadthallenbad – the short key dates:

  • Bath of the Federal Blind Institute, Intensive Swimming Courses for Children and Adults, 26 October to 30 October, afternoon
  • Wiener Stadthallenbad, intensive swimming courses for children and adults, 27 October to 31 October, morning and afternoon

The holiday calendar of the City of Vienna / Education Directorate Vienna can be found here.

We hope that with our courses we can inspire many people in Vienna again and look forward to getting to know you personally!

During the autumn holidays 2020, the Steiner Swimming School will host numerous intensive swimming courses in various Vienna baths.
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