Swimwear style guide

What to wear for swimming in the summer of 2020

The days are getting warmer and we welcome the summer with open arms. Many people are particularly pleased that the swimming pools are reopening: the pool parties have begun and the beaches are attracting many visitors.

Swimwear style guide Summer 2020

The question arises for many people: “What to wear at the beach this year?” You may have already thought about which swimwear is best for you and your family and what to look out for when shopping.

After all, there is a lot to choose from and making a decision is not always easy. This is exactly why you will find here the ultimate swimwear style guide for the summer. This guide is designed to inspire you to make your decision, so you can find the swimwear that suits you best.

What should be taken into account when purchasing swimwear?

The best swimwear for a person is very individual. It depends, of course, on your body type, your personal preferences and the current trends. However, there are some things to look out for when buying swimwear.

1. The fit

Probably the most obvious and important point is the fit. To avoid unpleasant situations, you should always choose the swimwear that fits your body properly without cutting into your skin or being too loose. For example, here is how to prevent a bikini from slipping.

Below you will also find recommendations for different body shapes.

The perfect swimwear is different for everyone. It depends on your body shape, your preferences and the trends of the season.

The fit


The occasion


The colors

2. The occasion

One should also consider the reason for which the swimwear is needed. Are you going to a party, to the lake, or taking part in sports?

This is a crucial question because, for example, a swimsuit more appropriate at a pool party with work colleagues, whereas a string bikini is more suitable for private swimming excursions.

Whether you’re invited to a private pool party or to the beach, don’t forget to keep enough distance from others for obvious health reasons in the summer of 2020. Protect yourself and others.

3. The colors

Always choose from a color palette that suits your skin tone. This way you can emphasize your natural beauty and immediately look more classy.

Do you want to stand out? How about a bright red swimsuit or a bikini with an exciting pattern?
However, if you prefer to stay in the background, simple, monochrome swimwear is recommended. In white or black, you will always look elegant without standing out.

Don’t forget to have fun with colors and choose the swimwear you feel most comfortable in.

Swimwear for women

Women have many choices when it comes to swimwear. There are one-piece suits, two-piece bikinis, and interesting combinations of both. It’s best to work with your body shape. How to discover your ideal swimwear style.

If you are still unsure and would like personal advice about swimwear, we can help you in our specialty swimming store in Vienna.

Body shape: pear

This type of figure is characterized by hips that are wider than the shoulders.

Which swimwear is the best?

The pear body shape looks best in a push-up bra to make the torso look bigger. High-hipped panties are the perfect complement to the look.

Body shape: hourglass

This figure type is characterized by shoulders and hips that are equally wide, with the waist being slightly narrower.

Which swimwear is the best?

The hourglass body shape fits most types of outfits. Try something new, such as a retro-style bikini.

Body Shape: Upside Triangle

The inverted triangle is characterized by shoulders that are wider than the hips and legs that are are usually very slim.

Which swimwear is the best?

The Inverted Triangle body shape looks best in a two-piece with a high waist, which is cut out upwards towards the hips. This emphasizes the legs, which makes them appear longer. Likewise, this type of bathing outfit makes the hips appear wider.

Body shape: Apple

The body shape of the apple is very feminine and characterized by curves.

Which swimwear is the best?

The apple body shape looks the best in a one-piece, which is cut out deeply and emphasizes the décolleté. Similarly, bikinis with a high-cut waist are also a good fit, as this will shape your body perfectly.

Body shape: rectangle/linear

This type of figure is characterized by the fact that the shoulders, waist and hips are roughly equally proportioned.

Which swimwear is the best?

The rectangle body shape looks the best in a bikini with halterneck to accentuate the shoulders or a triangle bikini to accentuate the curves of the body more.

We carry the complete swimwear range from Funkita
We carry the complete swimwear range from Funkita
We carry the complete swimwear range from Funkita

Swimwear for men

Men tend to have it easier than women when choosing swimwear. Here, the length and tightness of the swimming trunks play the biggest role. Of course, it depends very much on the occasion and the comfort. If you are doing sports, a tight, short suit is recommended. On holiday at the beach, you might prefer long swimming trunks, which can also protect you from the sun or be worn as everyday pants while walking after swimming.

At our shop, “Schwimmsport-Steiner”, we have the coolest designs from the trendiest manufacturers in stock all year round.

We carry the complete swimwear range from Funkita

Swimwear for children

For children, it is best to always focus on convenience. The proper fit is the most important criterion for the little ones. They enjoy wearing colorful patterns and therefore like swimwear.

What should my child wear at the beach?

Girls feel most comfortable in a swimsuit or simple swim shorts. Older girls can go swimming in their first bikini. With boys the choice is, again, very easy. A simple swimsuit serves the purpose. Here it is important to listen to the wishes of the little ones and make sure that the colour and pattern are pleasing the child.

It is also worth thinking about accessories. Goggles, a kickboard or an inflatable boat can make the experience unique. Thus, the days at the lake become a beautiful experience, which they will fondly look back on.

We carry the complete swimwear range from Funkita


Also, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreens, hats and enough time in the shade are very important for your health. This will make all of your days in the water a complete success in the summer of 2020.

All year round we have sports and leisure clothing, swimming suits, swimming goggles,towels, bags, and much more in many models and colours in stock.

Visit us in person at our specialty swimming shop “Schwimmsport Steiner” in Vienna!

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