Lea learns to swim – Our book to accompany the children’s swimming courses – for children in the second grade

Lea loves dolphins – and how elegantly they swim! Lea also wants to learn how to swim, so her mother registers her for a children’s swimming course.

A while back, Roswitha Wurm, the mother of a swimming coach from our team, published a book. It tells the story of Lea, who learns to swim in a children’s swimming course with swimming instructor Andrea. Lea’s story shows young children how fun it is to learn to swim and what they need to know to be safe in and around the water. The most important rules of swimming are explained in a playful way and this new knowledge is tested at the end of the book through fun and engaging exercises.

Fun in the children’s swimming course

This book was developed in cooperation with Swimming School Steiner and is the ideal accompaniment for our children’s swimming courses. It motivates children to learn to swim, even if they are nervous, anxious or insecure. For example, like many children, Lea from the book is also a bit afraid of the water at the beginning of the story. But with the help of swimming instructor Andrea, Lea learns not only to swim breaststroke and backstroke, but also to jump into the water from the side of the pool in her beginner swimming course.

Even if your child is having a tough time because other children in the course are a bit further along with their swimming skills, this book can be helpful. Lea realizes that it is okay if other children swim better than her at first. In the end, with a little practice, she learns to swim almost as well as her favorite animal. Finally, Lea completes the requirements for her first swimming badge, the “early swimmer”, even though she is initially a little afraid of it.

This children's book was developed in cooperation with the Steiner Swimming School and published in Austria. It is the ideal motivational aid for children in our swimming courses.

This book is designed for children in the second grade. It contains an exciting, funny and instructive story that encourages reading. The language is approprate for children and is constructed to slowly teach them new vocabulary. The colorful, child-friendly illustrations on each page give children a great reading experience. With Lea Learns to Swim, the children’s swimming course is even more fun – Dolphin’s Honour!

“Lea learns to swim” is published by G&G Verlag, Austria’s leading publisher of children’s books and learning aids. Soon it will be available again in our specialist shop!

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